EXCLUSIVE: Indie production company Thornbyrd Films has launched production on Healed, a psychological thriller starring Guinevere Turner (American Psycho), Shantell Yasmine Abeydeera (The Influencer), Emily Goss (Snapshots), Benjamin Barrett (The Politician) and Todd Lowe (True Blood), which has been awarded the coveted ReFrame Stamp from the Sundance Institute and Women in Film for gender-balanced hiring.

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Thornbyrd Films

The film written by Abeydeera watches as former pop icon Jazz Powers (Abeydeera) and her pregnant wife Olivia (Goss) attend an intimate meditation retreat at the invitation of renowned mindfulness expert Georgia Chambers (Turner). A string of unorthodox therapy sessions and unusual events involving Georgia’s neighbor (Barrett) evoke memories of Jazz’s father (Lowe) and leave her questioning Georgia’s practice. Additional probing later reveals that the women are unknowing participants in an experiment that could change the course of their lives forever. Shirin Etessam produced with Abeydeera, Goss, Nanci Gaglio, Meghan Weinstein, Stacy Schneiderman and the post house Wizard Cats.

Article originally printed in Deadline

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