Who We Are

OML Originals is the sister company to OML.TV a queer-female content hub with over 1 million YouTube subscribers generating multi-millions of views per week by those who crave stories featuring queer females in the lead.

OML Originals has several TV and Film projects in various stages from development through distribution. Founded by Shirin Etessam and Nanci Gaglio, OML Originals’ current projects are screening on Amazon, Tubi, and in film festivals across the world.

Shirin Etessam

Shirin Etessam is an entrepreneur and media executive with a rich background in film and TV production. Shirin founded OML TV and OML Originals, leading platforms and production companies committed to showcasing diverse female stories. In 2023, Shirin Etessam released her book, “FREE TO BE: A Six Week Guide To Reclaiming Your Soul,” and has since been regularly speaking on the subject of play for adults, a topic she is deeply passionate about.


Nanci is a Brooklyn-born writer / director who began as a performer in lower Manhattan, then earned an MFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She's a Sundance Knight Fellow, and her previous short films (as writer / director) have screened in over 150 festivals across the world. Her latest short ``I Saw What I Saw`` won Best Suspense / Thriller Short at Chandler Int'l Film Festival in Jan 2024. Her TV pilot script Venus Rising is a winner with the Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition (May, 2023), and has placed in multiple other script contests. Currently, it's scoring in the top 1% on Blacklist.

Cristina Lujan

Cristina is a seasoned and talented Producer with over 19 years of experience in unscripted television production, spanning various genres and formats, including Docu-series, celebrity reality competition, and game shows. She started her career as a television journalist, producing live news segments and morning editions for local and national networks. She then transitioned to prime-time production, where she developed her passion and expertise for storytelling. She has worked with some of the most renowned and innovative companies and networks in the industry, such as CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, MTV, and Roku. Cristina's mission is to create engaging and compelling stories that entertain and inspire audiences across the globe.

Nazanin Khodadad

Nazanin Khodadad is a TV content creator and producer who made the unconventional leap from the structured world of architecture and interior design into the dynamic realm of television and film. Nazanin’s journey began with a passion for transforming spaces, bringing her unique perspective to the screen. Drawing parallels between crafting physical spaces with bricks and mortar and crafting narratives with words, Nazanin's journey emphasizes the transformative power of vision. Earning her Master of Architecture from DAAP, Nazanin’s journey from blueprint to screenplay reflects her belief that the fusion of creativity knows no bounds.