A Feature Dark Comedy

Created by: Nanci Gaglio

In 1991, Jayleen is a broken-hearted, young queer-tomboy in a Christian, working-poor community deep within Louisiana. She meets James, a forlorn middle-class 19-year-old whose parents pulled him from college and back home to cure his gay tendencies. Jayleen and James connect on their shared shame and heartache in a pray-away-the-gay church program that promises to make them happy heterosexuals through Christ. Together they vow to fight their inner demons (and messy exes) to live life as God intended. After tons of willful prayer, ridiculous gender exercises and finally exorcism fails to cure them, they desperately decide Christian marriage is their course for salvation – only to blow up in a spectacle of speaking Jesuses, hot new temptations, and Jayleen’s faithful pack of dogs who show them that love is truly unconditional.