A limited series crime drama

Created by Nazanin Khodadad, Gregor Lewis, and Sheri Malman

For the last fifteen years, Brom Svoboda has seen time practically stop. More recently, Ludis Burzina can’t make it go fast enough. Their stories will explode when Detective Clare Donnelley arrives at the scene of a single car crash on a bridge high above the water between Ohio and Kentucky. Meanwhile, downriver from Cincinnati, Detective Patrick Murnahan starts to connect a string of seemingly unrelated deaths across the Kentucky county he calls home.

The Ohio River and the highway bridges that cross it have a long history of hiding, moving, and sheltering people, and serve as the conduit for these parallel storylines. Through their investigations, Clare and Patrick expose the dark corners and blurry lines of labor, coercion, deceit, greed, and the American Dream. And in the process, make us question almost everything we think we know about identity.